Hello all!

Its been a while since you have heard from me. I made you a promise that I was going to write a special story early this year and it so happens that a lot of drama has happened since my last post.

It turns out that I lost someone dear to me and I was kept occupied by “The Voice” (those who read my blog on “the voice” would know who I am talking about).  I was directed to share my supernatural encounters in the book shown below:

Paradise Book Cover 12


The Chapters in the Book are outlined below :


Here is the link to preview kindle content



It was quite a challenge to put together the story but it was worth it. I will never forget what God has done for me as controversial as it may be. It is difficult to experience the supernatural and still be the same.


“I LOVE YOU MY PEOPLE, CHOOSE HEAVEN NOT HELL. Choose light and life, not darkness and evil! Choose me! Choose Good over Evil. Choose Love because I am Love! “

( Conversation with God  –  in PARADISE -BY LYSSA-ANN CLARKE)