Tonight,  while the evening news was on I received a message from the Lord about pending disaster.  Most profound in the message was this statement ” A Clock without time is useless!” Never heard the phrase before, but he later explained. Let me start by saying whomever reads this is free to draw his own conclusions. The warning is clear. He who hath ears let him hear:

April 13, 2018 @approximately 8pm, the Lord said: The time has come for me to engage my people. I have been saying that this is a season of righteous judgement. I will pour out my vengence on those who hate me. Repent all ye workers of iniquity. You who pretend to know me but do not.

I am tired of giving the same warnings to my people. As I had warned Jeremiah repent clanging cymbals – you who use church as your defense yet the flock know you not – it is pretense. I will draw you out from my people. My sanctuaries are supposed to be a holy place yet you defile them with your potions and rituals.

Mercy, ask for mercy. that is what you will need to survive my wrath. Tumultuous times ahead says the Lord. I will be calling out my people from among the nations. I am calling my remnants.

The time is at hand, the Kingdom of the Lord is near. Get ready for the battles to come. Only the righteous will be spared. Teach your children about me. They need to know.

Watch the next four (4) years – global crisis!

I have been giving warnings to my prophets. Find it not strange when my words come to pass. Humble yourselves! Disasters! I say again DISASTERS!

How you forget that I see everything from the heavens. It’s as though man has free reign ! Why have you subjected yourselves to be led & influenced by these demons who have blinded the eyes & hearts of others. Repent!

Repent from your perversion. Repent, Repent from your wickedness, Repent, Repent from your ungodliness. I see whats happening in the secret places. REPENT! There is nothing you can hide from me. My one regret is those children from the evil generations who have been affected by the actions of their forefathers.

This message is not only for Jamaica! I have warned before that CHANGE IS URGENT! a LOT CAN HAPPEN WITHIN MONTHS. Repent, treat people with LOVE. Stop wickedness.

My righteous will be home with me in Zion. Those who yield to the spirit of darkness will be lost. Earthquakes, famines, wars, destruction! The Kingdom of the Lord draweth nigh. be warned!

You are allowing the wicked to overrun your cities. They have no heart. They have no love, they are filled with hate & demons! oh how they have overrun your lands. Wake up you sleeping CHURCH! How can you not discern what is happening among you? so many clueless religious leaders. Blind leading the blind.

Many will be led down the path of destruction because they do not desire me as what they desire is religion- principles & practices, rights ordained by man not by God. I have written my laws in the hearts of those who serve me. No longer do you need a high-priest. Having a relationship with me will enable the Holy Spirit to teach you. Too much division among my people. THERE IS ONLY ONE TRUE GOD – THE I AM!

Many will mourn this year, many will mourn this year because of disobedience. Nations will wail, communities will wail, families will wail. Harden not your hearts! Seek me and my Kingdom and all else will be yours! Material things should not be your idols.

You do not fear me or my Justice. You do not learn from history. Evil can overrun a nation. Jamaica, take a look at Haiti! You often reap what you sow! Stop the blood sacrifices, stop the witchcraft rituals, stop trying to kill and oppress your neighbour, show love because I AM LOVE!

All who hath ears, let him hear! ” a clock without time is useless!”

What is the purpose of Man?

– To take care of the earth I have provided for his habitation
– To serve me his God
– To love & receive love because I am love

More warnings will come. Jamaica, this will be your year! I have warned you long enough. Warn the people! DESTRUCTION, DESTRUCTION pending…..

The evil. The hearts are evil, righteous judgement1
It is the same people over and over interceding for Jamaica. Jamaica has been warned long enough. Judgement!!! To many evil spirits affection the nation it is time!

They don’t love me, they are my enemies! Many innocent are dying. JAMAICA JAMAICA heed my words!


My children, I will always be with you. Always!


This is the message i received from the Lord tonight. I was in tears because I know many have prayed. I guess there is a lot happening that we are not seeing. Please the people who are doing wrong repent.. Those who dont know God repent! Those who are not saved and want to go to heaven when they die repent. Cover your families, pray with our children and get ready….May God help us all….I kept crying throughout writing the message. I tried to beg, negotiate, intercede call it what you may Jamaica is such a beautiful place however he wants me to trust him as well as to obey so because obedience is better than sacrifice.. consider his request done..

Peace & Love

Here is a related video made on facebook April 15, 2018