Today, January 15 was pretty interesting. As usual, the Holy Spirit was happy to reveal some issues as well as give prophetic utterance/revelations and I had a pretty good day overall. I decided that since my schedule would be changing this semester, that I need to get some things out of the way, including the survey results for the questionnaires that were completed in 2017 on workplace harassment.

I had started extracting the data in November and was putting it in a PowerPoint presentation format which was quite time consuming. So before I resumed the task, I decided to check my messages and to share the day’s good news with my husband. Unfortunately, I got a spiritual attack immediately after my utterance which felt like something was sitting on the top of my heart. My reactions to this pain had my husband wondering what on earth was happening to me last night.

Before I felt the pain, I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit on my body and I started to speak in tongues.  I did not know what my spirit man was saying in the unknown african-like tongue. What I do know what that during the intercession “The Voice” spoke and said “Spirit of Infirmity”.  That revelation allowed me to gauge my commands so that the pain would stop and I would get my deliverance. (That ordeal was quite dramatic and I had two onlookers in my bedroom wondering what on earth was happening to me in the bathroom. At one point my husband came over and hit me quite hard in the back which I guess was his attempt to help expel whatever was coming from my stomach. (sigh)

2018 drama episodes started quite early. I thought about how interesting it has been since I was warned by a minister about spiritual attacks late December.  I have had a couple interesting incidents including one which saw me tripping and skating across a concrete hallway at the seminary, chipping up my knees which had me squirming like baby. I couldn’t believe a little cut could hurt so badly.

Now for the normal person I know the above statements will sound absurd especially in reference to warfare. But be ye warned, I am not the normal average person. I am a woman on a mission for God who is having a life changing earthly experience because of my spiritual encounters. And while I am on my journey I am having some really unusual episodes including spiritual attacks which I was quite clueless about, until I started getting the exposure and experience in deliverance ministry and spiritual warfare.

I will therefore do an article  in future on Warfare.

Now on to the survey:


Survey Results
79 Participants


Have you ever been bullied
Most respondents have been bullied at some point. Some are unsure if they have been bullied
Most participants know others affected by workplace bullying
Most Affected
Public sector greatly affected as bullying is observed mostly within that environment
Most respondents believe that bullies are both male and female
Victims Mostly Female
Victims are mostly female 50% where as only 4.2 males are affected
Most Respondents Were Women
Most Respondents Were Women
Most respondents were Jamaicans
Most Respondents were between 26 & 36 years old
Most respondents have seen group bullying
Most respondents have seen others bullied at work
49% of respondents believe that your personality is a major factor/reason for the person to be bullied
Social Status and other Socio-economic factors impact reasons for bullying
Most Victims do not report bullying because of fear


The Supervisor is most often the bully
Most respondents are unsure if childhood bullying affected the bully
Most respondents are unsure if subordinates who are bullied become bullies
Most victims do not say anything or leave the job
Most respondents to not have a anti-bullying policy at their place of work
For those with policies, disciplinary meetings are held
Part 2 of the survey will be published soon


Stay tuned for part two of the survey results. Coming Soon

I will also discuss the finding of the entire survey. Thanks for reading. Please share the article. Workplace bulling/harassment is real.   The second part of this topic will reveal the industry most affected by this as well as the suggestions given by the participants.

Enjoy. Have a great day!

Oh by the way. I had done a new years article please check it out if you have not already done so.2017 year in review



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