I didn’t get to write this week so I am sharing from my catalogue of old.

Poem Written By Lyssa-Ann Clarke  on 23/09/02

cry 2




I don’t want to cry just because I may have my fears

That we may not work out this time around and waste another year.

I don’t want to cry because I feel like spending time with you,

As  people who care for each other often do.

I don’t want to cry because deep inside, my heart is tearing out

Because of unexpressed love that’s dying to come out.


I don’t want to cry because you don’t feel the same for me,

That’s why everything else in your life takes priority.

I don’t want to cry because we take our own paths,

And second-guess each other  after we have had some laughs.

I don’t want to cry because we often skew the truth and when it comes out then it causes pain because of our misguided youth.


I don’t want to cry, because I am not getting what I need,

And I am thinking about uncontrollable things that may mess up our good deeds.

I don’t want to cry, because  my heart won’t move on as its stuck on you, and because you  know that ,you will say anything or do.

I don’t want to cry because, I act differently when it comes to you.  I am turning inside out and its not working out favourably for me as I am on an emotional roller coaster and  it’s like there is nothing I can do; because, I feel like I no longer have control over the things I would not normally do, in similar situations like this where I am accustomed to being in control.  Why am I not acting normal, being the person I usually am, the carefree, trusting, loving person  many know and love?

I don’t want to cry for reasons that sad.

I want to cry because I have finally found the love I need, and you are truly a blessing

in my life, an inspiration in times of need.

I don’t want to cry.



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