God speaks, but if we are too busy or if we do not expect a response to our questions or prayers we will not hear him.

I was being taught by the great teacher “The Voice”, yet I was so consumed by what was happening in my environment that I became  angry, emotional, stressed out, doubtful and was so controlled by a spirit of fear that I actually thought that it was better to leave the organization than to report the happenings at the location to Human Resources . This is because our local culture detests anyone that is seen as an “informer” . Filing a report would make your situation worse if you do not have a “Godfather” or “Godmother” in your corner.

I was also very hurt by the situation and blamed myself for having attachment issues because the person who was antagonizing me used to be my friend. We went to college together, hung with the same large group of friends at college and although those days he was quieter and I was older than he, we had mutual respect for each other and a connection through our alliance.  However the love I once had for him ten years later turned to hate.

I didn’t like that strong, ugly ,word. It evoked all sorts of nasty, negative emotions. I tried to talk to him about our relationship but that did not change the fact that his EGO was so super-inflated it made him so self absorbed; a turn off for many especially women. Several women including myself would comment that he had “Short-Man Syndrome” as he was an attention seeker and yet, there were times when we had to be compassionate and yield to his requests for the benefit of the team. We also empathized when he was stressed at work as there were times when upon hearing that his supervisor was approaching the location he would get flustered and start walking up and down all over the compound. I therefore concluded that maybe he was having similar experiences with his supervisor therefore he was only displaying what he himself experienced or rather learned on the job.



I couldn’t stop talking about my unfortunate circumstances. I felt helpless as I had gotten some relief from the previous manager who had re-assigned me to another supervisor after I had complained about my experiences with him.

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I found it quite difficult to cope. I therefore applied for a job opening at another location within the organization. God granted me my wish especially since I was studying at the time. Little did I know that if there is a lesson to be learnt or an action to be taken that God would let you experience the scenario over and over until you learn or yield to his commands.

Lesson – Change Will Come

We are all humans therefore we all make mistakes. As humans we should also be aware of our environments, our emotions as well as our rights as individuals, citizens and employees. We should therefore strive to treat others how we would like to be treated and still do good to those who cause us harm.


In my conversations with God I have noticed that he often gives me a song which says he is a God of Love. I did not trust in God’s love the way I ought nor did I trust in God’s provisions.

During those days of old, my relationship with “The Voice” was not as strong as it is today. Because of “respect for superiors” I became both the receiver and giver of verbal abuse. You see, in my own way as a coping mechanism behind my bully’s back I would curse and call him names and with me in public he would scream, shout, try to manipulate, make sarcastic comments, try to intimidate and embarrass me before my students, twist his words and make me quite uncomfortable. I would then become angry, resentful and at times refused to help in tasks that were not a part of my core functions for example Mc. Events.


One day after staying up until 3 am the previous night to type a document, my antagonist criticized, shouted and marked up my document much to my annoyance as he was not the subject matter expert and didn’t understand the question I wrote. Not only did I feel disrespected but because I knew I had to try and contain my emotions I said please excuse me and walked away.  A series of thoughts and emotions flooded my mind. However, I was determined to not let him ever see me break down i.e cry or react (possibly by punching him in the face or cursing him out) I therefore walked away, I had to control my emotions after all I am at work and physical violence does not resolve problems.

My excusing myself (without his permission) let to even more abusive comments in reference to the situation. This time the comments were not made by him but by his senior before the entire team.

About a week or so later I eventually wrote a five page document outlining all the things that had transpired over the years. I warned him of the actions I would take if he ever harrassed me again.  Out of that document a meeting was held with the entire team and Human Resources and all staff was made aware of whatever recourse could be taken for incidences affecting staff at that location.


I had to forgive my abuser and myself to be able to release the hate and bitterness that had contaminated me from all the negative experiences.  I now know that I should be confident whenever I am advised by “The Voice” and trust and obey his commands.  I also felt good about the fact that I had expressed myself and had decided to stand up in faith after all I had nothing else to lose. That day when I felt that my self-confidence/self-esteem was being attacked I felt enough was enough! I took a leap of faith and trusted that everything would work out. It did in the least expected way. I am therefore reminded that all things work together for good.


The Voice Advises, Forewarns, Chastises and Comforts

“The Voice”, that reassuring voice, has since spoken to me several times. Once it told me what to do to prepare for a job interview. Another time it actually scolded me during a meeting with an authority figure and stated: “Are these really the people you want to work with? – for we wrestle not with flesh and blood but principalities and power and rulers in high places”.

There was also one early morning at approximately 4 am when the voice woke me up and told me to email a very influential person about a pressing matter which I was afraid could seriously backfire negatively at me if the situation was not handled appropriately.

The situation I was to write about was related to the scolding mentioned above. Oh how I shook. I was afraid, I was extremely fearful. I was reminded then that I was an Eagle and that Eagles soared so I followed my intuition and sent the email. Some months earlier a Man of God whom I did not know told me God said “I was acting like a chicken when I’m an eagle”. A colleague from another location one day visited my office and also brought up the story. I was constantly reminded to not follow the crowd. I therefore took the risk

It was a Saturday; I assured myself that the mail would not be read until Monday the next work day. To my surprise a response was received a few hours later followed by a phone call and what was revealed to me by the person whom I emailed opened my eyes to the fact that many persons will deceive you in an attempt to get what they want from you. The caller spoke frankly and revealed the great deception that was being performed by another senior member of the management team. Oh how happy I was. What was being hidden eventually came to light in the most unusual and unexpected way.


The Voice Directs

One year my car transmission needed to be replaced. I did not have the approximately one hundred thousand dollars cash needed to replace it. I was drained financially from having invested in graduate studies and was not yet receiving the “fruits” of my educational investment. I applied to my bank for a loan but did not qualify based on my debt ratio at the time. I did not know what to do. I had a six month old baby and worked many miles away from home.

It was a Friday and my insurance valuation was also due at the time. I drove the car to the valuator in faith that when it got there things would be okay. I was in awe that my little car that had issues selecting gears operated quite fine during the inspection. I therefore collected my report and headed to Ligunea to submit the report.

Upon turning to enter the plaza to conduct my business I clearly got directions to: go to the building next door, give them your identification and ask them how much money you can get. (The business had just started offering micro financing at the time and it was not even launched or advertised at the time.) I followed the directives of The Voice and within five minutes walked out with ninety three thousand dollars cash. This was enough to cover my transmission expenses. I was ecstatic. I was grateful. On the day I drove the car to the mechanic it broke down right in the parking lot.

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The Good Shepherd

The last time I heard “The Voice” before I wrote this article was  in May 2016. I was forewarned to “not be afraid because the lord was with me“. What an eventful day that was, I was warned about my son’s possible death, prayed for as the prior night my family had received a threat from an aggressor who collided with and wrote off one of our family vehicle, I was quite perplexed yet the reassurance from “the voice” not only forewarned and comforted me, as the next day it was proven that I was indeed protected and favoured by the most high, that he was with me when I witnessed a car accident involving my family. I did not remember the premonition regarding my son that day until after the SUV broke the light post and passed my line of sight.

A  seconds before the impact upon hearing screams, I jumped on my veranda with baby in hand calling on the name of Jesus. I imagined angels flying faster than superman to come to my family’s aid. When I finally made it to the crash site the vehicle was totalled. All four wheels broken off but the amazing thing was that the silver grounds wire on the light post hooked into the front bumper and the vehicle stopped on a ledge after doing a 180 degree spin and landed in the opposite direction. fear

If ever you receive clear direct instructions (that does not contradict Gods word) from that  calming yet reassuring voice whether internally or externally, please listen to it. You may not know what it may be protecting you from or providing you with. .

The parable of the Good Shepherd illustrates God’s love for us as a father who has a spiritual bond with his child. Being a parent is a wonderful yet challenging experience. We are often in awe when we realise that we can hear the distinct cries of our children amidst surrounding noise. Even when the person beside me does not hear the cries of my child, my motherly instinct alerts me to hear and sense that the child needs me and often times also that I may need him to bond and express my affection- love, hug, kiss, care.

Isn’t it amazing how you are filled with love the moment you first laid eyes on your sheepchild? When I had my son, I held him briefly before being whisked away to the labour room for treatment.  Upon my return at approximately 5am I saw this baby in a cot on the corridor all alone.  As I was being wheeled away on the stretcher I said, “my baby”, I knew my son whether he was crying or not and also I had held him for such a brief period how could I forget him, I knew him, after all he was a part of me just as much as I am a part of him.

So it is in John 10 when Jesus explained the parable of the good shepherd. When Jesus said “my sheep will hear my voice, he knows me and I know him”, so should it be when God speaks to us. Whether or not you are a professed Christian God has a plan for us.  He cares for us as a shepherd tends his flock and we are expected to know him because he is our master.

Sheep are creatures that are usually led by a shepherd who is its master. If a sheep is grazing in a pasture with a combined flock no matter how many sheep or shepherds there are, each sheep knows the voice of its master.

So it is with Jesus our Great Shepherd. His flock is large. When a sheep is in distress the Master sees and tends to his flock. How assuring it is to know that someone is in our corner. Whether it’s Jesus or the Father who by the way is one and the same, our cries do not fall on deaf ears.

It is important for us to note that as humans we are not perfect. Our heavenly father knows that too. Therefore, it is critical that we know that even if we stray from the flock the Great Shepherd is available to protect us from wolves and to direct us back into the fold. He will also hear our cries as he is our father and he cares about his children. Therefore we ought to always be receptive to hearing his voice and heed his directives.

When we err, condemn not yourself for” by grace are ye saved through faith and not works.”  Also, just as how we are expected to forgive others it is just as important to forgive ourselves just as God has forgiven us.  Do not listen to the voice of the naysayers or the evil one who comes to “kill, steal and destroy”, Believe THE WORD.

Prove God yourself. Ask and ye shall receive, he will reveal himself as God does not lie. When you headifferencer that still small voice, prompting you to do something positive such as to read the Scriptures, ju

st do it. You may be receiving the answer to the questions you have asked.

 “The Voice” of our father our Lord and Shepherd is waiting to lead you to your promise. All you need to do is listen.



The Voice: your guide when you need direction. Don’t negate it, prove it!

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John 10 v 1-16

10 Jesus said, “It is certainly true that when a man enters the sheep pen, he should use the gate. If he climbs in some other way, he is a robber. He is trying to steal the sheep. But the man who takes care of the sheep enters through the gate. He is the shepherd. The man who guards the gate opens the gate for the shepherd. And the sheep listen to the voice of the shepherd. He calls his own sheep, using their names, and he leads them out. He brings all of his sheep out. Then he goes ahead of them and leads them. The sheep follow him, because they know his voice. But sheep will never follow someone they don’t know. They will run away from him, because they don’t know his voice.”


Matt 7 v 7 


“Continue to ask, and God will give to you. Continue to search, and you will find. Continue to knock, and the door will open for you. Yes, whoever continues to ask will receive. Whoever continues to look will find. And whoever continues to knock will have the door opened for them.


1 Peter 5 v 10

So be humble under God’s powerful hand. Then he will lift you up when the right time comes. Give all your worries to him, because he cares for you.

Control yourselves and be careful! The devil is your enemy, and he goes around like a roaring lion looking for someone to attack and eat.Refuse to follow the devil. Stand strong in your faith. You know that your brothers and sisters all over the world are having the same sufferings that you have.

10 Yes, you will suffer for a short time. But after that, God will make everything right. He will make you strong. He will support you and keep you from falling.


Ephesians 2 v 8-9


I mean that you have been saved by grace because you believed. You did not save yourselves; it was a gift from God. You are not saved by the things you have done, so there is nothing to boast about. 10 God has made us what we are. In Christ Jesus, God made us new people so that we would spend our lives doing the good things he had already planned for us to do.



1 Samuel 3 v 4

that Lord called Samuel, and he answered, “Here I am.”

 Lamentations 3:22-24

22 We are still alive because the Lord’s faithful love never ends. 23 Every morning he shows it in new ways! You are so very true and loyal! 24 I say to myself, “The Lord is my God,  and I trust him.”[a]

[1] John 10:27 My sheep hear my voice. I know them and they follow me.

[2]Matthew 4 v 1-1

Great Is Thy Faithfulness

“Great is Thy faithfulness,” O God my Father, There is no shadow of turning with Thee; Thou changest not, Thy compassions, they fail not As Thou hast been Thou forever wilt be.

“Great is Thy faithfulness!” “Great is Thy faithfulness!”   Morning by morning new mercies I see; All I have needed Thy hand hath provided—     “Great is Thy faithfulness,” Lord, unto me!

Summer and winter, and springtime and harvest, Sun, moon and stars in their courses above, Join with all nature in manifold witness To Thy great faithfulness, mercy and love

Pardon for sin and a peace that endureth, Thine own dear presence to cheer and to guide; Strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow, Blessings all mine, with ten thousand beside!

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