Evidence of Trances


In the past when I heard the word trance, I used to think about one being in a state where ones mind is far away where the person in the trance can be susceptible to suggestions similar to when one becomes hypnotized.   By definition a trance is an altered state of consciousness. There are various explanations about why and how someone can enter into a trance. A google search will result in many explanations.


One activity or rather ritual that I have seen as the cause of someone getting into a trance is the Kumina Dance that is performed in Jamaica.  This dance was passed down through the generations from some African ancestors. The dance involved the rhythmic playing of drums and other hand made instruments. A type of ceremonial performance or ritual is conducted which involves the use of a candle as well as white rum which is said to be used to feed the ancestral spirits.

Before the year 2013 I looked on the dance only as a part of a performance however, after the emancipation day celebrations my views changed as I saw for myself that day how the playing of music can put an individual into a trance thus opening the gateway for a person to become possessed.

One particular dancer who was in the center of the dance circle appeared possessed and she went around the premises sprinkling rice and white rum on the ground. When she ran out of “food” she appeared helpless as though she could not come out of the trance.  She swayed or moved as an individual without bones. She ran up a coconut tree as though that action was the norm much to everyone’s amazement.  The other members of the group sang and played their instruments and the only thing that seemed to get her out of the trance was a sacrifice that was done.  The woman took a chicken, ripped through the neck of the chicken with her teeth and bit off the chicken head much to our amazement and fright.


A drummer at the festival told me that it is important to be a skilled drummer at such an event as often times to get a spirit out of someone who becomes possessed the drummer will be required to play the drum rhythm in reverse.

Personal Experiences

Since 2017 I have experienced several trances. I have actually enjoyed most because they happened during prayer or after a spiritual encounter. During those times I am usually aware that things are happening in my surroundings however my mind is focused elsewhere and I am usually speaking another language (spiritual language given to me, not one that is learnt or a native tongue).

In one trance I as moving around with my eyes closed in the living room doing specific hand and foot movement and when I awoke I was quite surprised to see how far I had traveled without colliding in the furniture. It was as if my instincts guided me to ensure safety.

Another time I was in a trance and I was having distinct conversations with God. It was an awesome experience as the responses I got was like a knowing not an oral response to my utterings.  I thoroughly enjoyed this trance and came back to reality after hearing someone calling me from afar. (you can read about that experience here:

https://dramaqueenchroniclesblog.wordpress.com/2017/08/06/you-were-created-for-excellence-arise/ ).

In one instance deep grief was poured into my spirit when I was in a trance and I got really afraid that something bad was going to happen.

Trances may be useful to persons who would like to recall memories that they have blocked out in the past or to unearth subconscious thoughts. I however would not put myself in a position to be hypnotized as a type of alternative treatment because one can be open to suggestions in an altered state of consciousness. However , if during my time of prayer and meditation I get in a trance, I am open to receive whatever God is trying to give me because I know he would not hurt me as he is a God of Love.

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