Do you know that you are the child of a king? You were created to excel, made for a purpose, equipped by your father and you are expected to be bold and shining with confidence, to not follow the crowd, to be extraordinary, to showcase your uniqueness. You were made to soar.

Why is this so? This is because you can be assured of the fact that we are protected by The Most High, we also have provisions, and inheritance from a King whose wealth is immeasurable.

Did you know that you are royalty? Yes, you are a prince or princess because of your relationship with the  “King of Kings”. Yes,you are a child of a king and this is true because my heavenly father told me so. You were created to soar high and not to fly low.  So there is no need to worry because your heavenly father is your provider and he does not lie! Have faith that his word is true.

Our father wants us to act royal and be an uncommon creature, we ought to be leaders and not followers; we are expected to renew our “wings”so that we can live a long life, we are to soar high above the clouds because we can, after all we are not the usual bird.

The Message

One day when I was a teenager “The Voice” told me “you have a purpose”. I thought that meant that I was destined for greatness, that I would achieve great wealth, surpass those from my community who managed to excel and live an exemplary life that others could emulate. I thought those words were a promise as to the extraordinary works that God would show in my life.


About three years later I was awarded Valedictorian at the University I attended and I said “this award was God’s doing”. Several great offers came my way and I was elated. I thought the promise of purpose would be physical or that of an impactful career and not a spiritual calling. Although I knew man’s purpose was to serve God, I saw no relation between divine purpose and my personal goals. I pondered; what did God mean by purpose?

I struggled for years wondering about my purpose. Was it to teach, was it to do business, or to share my talents with others, so many ‘what ifs.’ Although there was promise I wasn’t sure if there was provision, therefore I would constantly worry and fear when making certain decisions or taking risks. I was so full of doubt.  I grew so fearful I eventually feared even defending myself from my abusers and I also feared fear itself.

According to, the definition of purpose means the reason for the existence of something. I felt restless and frustrated because of the mystery about my existence. A part of me felt that being an advocate for the underserved or mistreated especially the students, prisoners or customers I interacted with may have made a difference. However in my quest to find the answer, acting like “Perry Mason” or “Sherlock Holmes” did not reveal the mystery.  Instead, my actions left me frustrated. However, God made the mystery known to me in his own time.

And he made known to us the mystery of his will according to his good pleasure, which he purposed in Christ, to be put into effect when the times will have reached their fulfillment – to bring all things in heaven and on earth together under one head, even Christ” (Ephesians 1:9-10)”.


About five (5) months after I wrote this article I had an interaction with The Most High. The Holy Spirit came upon me and I lost my physical strength and was placed on the ground. During the interaction which was an overwhelming feeling of love while I was laying in the presence, an affirmation of what I was called to do was done.  Strangely enough although there was no audible voice it was as though God and I were communicating spirit to spirit, I was communicating in a spiritual language (unknown tongue) and he just by his mere presence.  It was an awesome experience, especially the joy that having that “knowing” that knowledge of purpose revealed.  I recall likening the experience to that of an author who had shared her near death experience who spoke about God being “pure love”.

I was so comfortable and charged during that spiritual undertaking that I felt that I was prematurely disconnected from “the source” when I came back to reality. I totally forgot that I was in an open environment and that we were having a meeting. I heard a voice calling me from afar telling me that I was in a trance and I got up just in time to have our communion.  The whole episode was extremely peaceful and memorable one of my happiest moments to date!

The Eagle Versus the Chicken

In 2013  I joined a telephone prayer group. After the beginning prayer of intercession, the leader of the group said to me: God says to tell you that: “You are an eagle not a chicken”. I did not know the pastor, nor did I disclose anything about me to the group. However I held on to the word.

What did the instructions mean? Did God mean that I was to stop being afraid of handling the harassment I was going through at the time? Did he mean I was to be brave and stand up to the bully in my life?  Why did he use the word eagle? Couldn’t he have seen me as some other creature or use another analogy? I pondered.

CHICKENEven after I left that location the terms Eagle and Chicken came up several times. One day out of the blue a colleague in a discussion used the same quote.  Man, was I tired of hearing this story. This prompted me to research the creature.  The following is an excerpt of a sermon on the website: on the topic “God’s Eagle Christians” that gave me a eureka moment on the topic.  The main points were:

  • Living the chicken life can never compare to living the eagle life. Chicken living is so limited – so confining – so predictable and so boring. When we hear the word eagle, our minds envision an eagle soaring in the atmosphere, effortlessly riding the wind currents high above the earth; majestic in appearance. He is King of the Sky, master of his domain. With keenness of eye, he spies his prey and swooping down to earth with tremendous speed, and sharp strong talons set, it snatches up its meal and soars back to its nest to feast.


  • Father eagle is like those eagle parents with His eaglets. He tells His eaglets in Psalms 81:10, “I am the Lord thy God which brought you out of the land of bondage. Open thy mouth wide and I will fill it.”


  • You and I are to feast on God’s eagle food if we are to grow and become strong mature eagles of God. Anything else – anything less – and we too will grow weak and die spiritually. We must have the eagle diet of God’s Word. Isaiah 55:2


  • God our father doesn’t want any of His children to remain baby-like forever. He wants His children to grow-up.


  • As eaglets of God, there is an inborn tendency in us to mount up and soar to levels we’ve never experienced before.


  • We are expected to soar. That’s what eagles do and God is calling us to be His spiritual eagles. It’s true that chickens and eagles are both birds, but a chicken is an earth bound creature. It can flop and fly a little, but it can scarcely get its feet off the ground. Many have been content to live the chicken life, confined to barnyard limitation in their spirit.


  • A barnyard to the believer is any attitude, any mindset, any lifestyle that restricts us from being or accomplishing all that God has purposed for us to be or do in life. Our barnyard is that comfort zone we like to live in because it makes no demands of us that will challenge us to change.


  • God calls to us in our barnyard and challenges us to spread our wings of faith and come up higher. Do not get as high as the barnyard post and settle there, feeling like you have accomplished something.


  • God doesn’t want His eaglets to be nest sitters. They were meant to fly. Sometimes, God has to tear up our nest to get us in the air.


  • God doesn’t want us to settlefor a barnyard walk. He’s determined that we’re going to mount up with wings as an eagle.

The entire sermon was a testimony and motivator for me to arise from my comfort zone and to move forward with faith that although challenges may come, I will survive the test and rise above the storms of life.

The sermon gave me courage to know that life consists of seasons. There is a time for everything as written in Ecclesiastes Chapter 3 of the bible. I was at a point in my life when I knew deep within that the season had changed and instead of following my instincts, trusting God and asking him for guidance to alleviate my fears I chose instead to worry and tried to do things in my own effort.

EAGI will confess it is extremely hard to walk away from years of service to an organization, from familiar territory especially when you have equipped yourself to give to the cause however it is very important to know when it is time to let go, to trust your intuition – that gut feeling that it will work out, that vibe that says it will be worth the risk to let go of the certain to venture into unfamiliar territory to see what lies ahead in that journey called life.

As much as I did not consult God on the decisions I was making, he was still there within guiding me. I can recall a few occasions when he impacted me directly by telling me what to do to prepare for an interview, where to go to get money for my car that busted its transmission at the time and also directed me to shut up in a meeting as the issues I was facing with individuals there were not as they seemed. He graciously enlightened my darkness by telling me that “I was wrestling with principalities and powers and rulers in high places,” therefore I was not to take on that battle as I wasn’t equipped to handle such powers at the time.

The next morning at about four (4) am I was urged to wake up and to write a letter to someone in higher authority at my place of employment.  While I was writing the letter a sermon by Bishop TD Jakes came on with the same Eagle vs Chicken topic which I was so tired to hear, so I just followed the promptings and although I was very fearful at the time, the situation worked out for my good just because I was obedient to the urgings of the Holy Spirit.

It is Time for Renewal

I now know that it is natural to be scared of the unknown, but trust and obedience is important to get to that point where God wants you to be, as he will not lead you to a place where you will be worse off. Yes, it may take time to learn new skills to function, or you may have to relocate and meet new people but in the end the growth, lessons learnt, opportunities gained and tests faced will make you a stronger person and a much more formidable opponent for whichever adversary chooses to take you on. Your rewards will be exponential. You will learn that God loves to give good gifts and you will be awed by his presence with is just pure love.

God wants us to be brave. Because of my fears I was willing to hold on to oppression. I was extremely miserable at the time because the stress I was facing affected every facet of my life. Yet I was willing to hold on hoping that the situation would eventually change, looking at the surface of things and being extremely optimistic that it was just a bad season when God the “Mother Eagle” was actually rooting me out of the nest by making me uncomfortable so that I would learn to fly.

It was time for renewal and I did not know it – although my mantra at the time was Jeremiah 29:11  For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper and not harm you to give you hope and a future”.

I even experienced the process of regeneration just like the old eagle who breaks off itsEAGLEDIE beak and plucks out its wings so that the feathers can regrow to give the eagle strength during its flight and to enable it to soar to extremely high heights where it can see its prey from a bird’s eye view before swooping down to capture “that snake” that has no power when it’s in the air writhing within the talons of the eagle who is master of his territory.

Going Forward

EAG3I now know that whatever risks I take in future I will be ok, as it is within my nature to take risks. I however still wait on a response from God before I make a decision although sometimes the response time may vary.  I will however continue to generate ideas, to explore, to learn, to be me, and I have accepted that it is within my personality to be different; to not follow the crowd as God had made me unique. I was never meant to be common and I receive uncommon favour because of who I am. I will see the possibilities that exist within a situation, be persistent and not give up, as I am not someone who is comfortable with the status quo I will continue to love and be proud of where I am from.

I am after all a county girl who continues to strive for greatness.  I may experience a lot of drama but the experiences are what make life fun! Life is an adventure. I refuse to be an eagle walking on the ground with a brood of chickens without realizing who I am because of my surroundings or the persons I am around who choose to “not spread their wings” because they are confined by their limitations be it talent, courage, personal situation or purpose.  I shall pass this way but once and while I am here I would like to experience “soaring above the clouds” with God as my guide and wind beneath my wings.

So my friend, are you an eagle or a chicken? Are you destined for greatness? Just in case you aren’t sure, know and trust that you too are special.  All you need to do is to seek answers from the right source, not your friends, relatives or your employers.  Save yourself some time, stress and heartache by going to your maker your great architect for whatever responses you need that pertains to your purpose.

Step out of the “brood”,  set some goals and become focused on your objectives. Change your attitude, develop a positive mindset and have faith.  Work towards what matters the most,  help others along the way; and receive the blessing of achieving your purpose, as you were created a person of excellence. Arise!!!!!


An Eagle in its downy nest surveyed the scene below,

And asked with animated zest, “OH Mother I want to know…will I one day begin to fly as high as you?

The answer came, “of course you’ll fly cause that’s what eagles do”.

Highborn you are and high you’ll stay, and never know an earthbound day or crawling to and fro

Now dashing down, now soaring high, now floating on the air.

Now flying where you will to fly, now free to do or dare.

I’ll take you down from out the nest, and let the thorns protrude

I’ll let the thorns disturb your nest and halt your nesting mood

Then soon you’ll climb upon the edge and stretch your pinions out.

You’ll totter on the aerie ledge and ponder space and doubt

Then with a wing I’ll knock you off to flounder-flap and fly. And with a swoop Ill pick you up and never mind your cry.

I’ll put you on the perch again then knock you off the nest, to see if you will stand the strain and stand the acid test.

I’ll give you opportunity to prove that you can fly; and then a final chance to see if you will fly or die.

I’d rather rugged, jagged rocks claim you as their own

Than bear the taunts and jeers and mocks that say’s you’ve never flown.

But fly you must and fly you will and conquer gravity; and know the Zypher’s golden thrill and fly for all to see.

My eagle child; this word I give:

Keep looking to the sky

For though an eagle flies to live – an eagle lives to fly.

Written By:  Bill Harvey



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