Newsflash: You are not great at everything! Sorry to break the news. We all have different strengths. And knowing your dominant strength gives you information to exercise and build up, what you’re naturally good at. That’s the only way to stay focused.
Speaking of strengths, I’m a learner through and through. If there is a way to do something, I will figure it out. Yup nerd alert!
I was curious about my son’s strengths. He’s really creative, easily plays an instrument, has a beautiful voice, has a really creative mind, so we found out his dominant strength is futuristic. That means he has the potential to be visionary. But needs help with strategy & execution. He imagines really vivid stories, like a movie screen is playing in his mind.
So he wrote a fictional book to capture the world he imagined. And guys I was blown away by the whole…

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