Many Christians have stopped serving God because they have listen to the lies of the devil through negative words/thoughts and have condemned themselves instead of forgiven themselves for actions they have taken.

I watched a video created by  popular former radio personality and was touched by her desperate cry for help from the church and from God.  I have posted the video links at the end of this post.

People are spirits living in a human body. We have natural desires to fulfill our human needs such as food, sex, satisfy our cravings. When we are taught about God if we are led by the spirit we will become convicted to accept Jesus as our Lord and Saviour and to journey with him by “taking up our cross” and following him by denying our “fleshly desires” This is however easier said than done. The challenge is most christians keep their struggles private due to fear of judgement/condemnation and issues with privacy. 

grace2I’ve come to realise however that there is no “perfect christian”! Although the aim of man is to be like Jesus (1 John 5:18 ) the task is extremely hard because Christians are people and people make mistakes, hence Jesus advised that we ought to pray daily

There has also been debates from various preachers about man being body, spirit and soul and that when you are “reborn” the spirit is transformed yet the body  craves its fleshly desires and the soul (mind and will) allows us in the decision making process.  Whilst I am not an expert on the topic I have seen and heard quite a few ministers argue the point which is something i will encourage readers to research as it may provide guidelines as to why we act the way we do. Throughout the  years I always thought the spirit and soul was the same until I heard these teachings.

Also as humans we face challenges daily and may benefit from some suggestions so I have taken the liberty to make some points on the above-mentioned topic. Here are my tips.

IF you are a struggling Christian please remember the following:

  1. Christianity is a journey. Transformation is a process and habits are hard to break!
  2.  The holy spirits IS OUR HELPER he also convicts us when we do something wrong but then fighting the flesh is harder than most “HOLY ” Christians make it out to be. The important thing is to continue to maintain the relationship that you have with God. Eventually (may take many years) you will lose the desires you usually have.
  3. The church is made up of people, however the true helpers cant help if they don’t know someone needs help and not all churches have counselling sessions.
  4. Always hold on to your faith, you can also share your testimonies with the right audience as you never know who it may help.
  5. Seek and ye shall find (Matthew 7:7). Whether you are looking for God or help from man, if you make your requests known help will eventually come, quite often from the most unlikely source (God has a sense of humour).
  6. God forgives. I have proven it. However, you also need to forgive yourself and others too!  (Colossians 3:13, Matthew 6:14 & Ephesians 4:32, Isaiah 38:17)
  7.  Many have thought that the christian walk is a miracle where we are transformed immediately once we accept Jesus and is baptized.  This is far from the truth. Maintaining your christian walk is  A LOT OF WORK!  After 19 years I can testify that throughout all my opportunities/blessings and trials and although I falter and still do, God loves me and you and will never leave me nor will he you because you have made mistakes that’s his promise! Just seek his face about your matters.
  8. Matthew 28:20 (Teach them to do everything I have commanded you. “And remember that I am always with you until the end of time.

  9. (Ecclesiastes 7:20 –Indeed, there is not a righteous man on earth who continually does good and who never sins)  ( Romans 3: 22 -righteousness from God comes through faith in Jesus Christ to all who believe. There is no distinction, 23for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, 24 and are justified freely by His grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus.)(“Never will I leave you, never will I forsake you.” So we say with confidence: “The Lord is my helper; I will not be afraid. What can man do to me?”…Hebrews 13:5) Therefore my friend cheer up you have a hope!

  10. The Holy Spirit did not leave me NOR will he you!. He was still there with me through thick and thin (I DIDN’T EVEN REALIZE HE WAS STILL THERE WITHIN ME ) and he helped me throughout the years.  Even when I FALTERED and did many things I am not pleased about.
  11. Churches need to find balance.  Stop being stuck on rites and preaching and fundraising and include TEACHING as a part of your mission which is what many members need. Members need to know how to handle practical day to day situations. They need to know how to balance the physical and the spiritual.  God is a spirit however a spirit needs a body to conduct its work. If the body is not being fed then it will die. Likewise with the spirit. Pastors especially those who do not have specific “Spiritual Gifts” such as prophecy need to seek help from those who are gifted and also give practical advice to practical issues if they do not get a direct word through the Holy Spirit.
  12. Members you have a responsibility also to yourself.  If you are prompted to do something such as reading your bible do it! The Holy Spirit knows what we need and he advises accordingly.  What I do to help feed my spirit man is  to  seek help through books and other online sources including youtube channels, speak to members from various churches and engage in discussions that I can use  apply practically.
  13. Listen!  There are times when God will speak to us. You may hear a still small voice giving you directions, you may have a knowing, you may hear a thought enter your mind that makes you know the “good thought” didn’t come directly from you especially if you were not thinking about what you were advised on. God may even send a message through someone just be careful who gives you the message though as some messengers are not sent by GOD!
  14. There are times you don’t hear any thing from GOD, especially when you are being tested or the lesson is to help you achieve your purpose . I am however convinced that little by little change will come if you really desire to change. Also, because of God’s purpose for us he allows each of us to go through different trials and have different thorns..(even his disciples had struggles)
  15. God expects us also to gain knowledge and use wisdom.    Read, ask questions, go to school, study, get a mentor! Don’t rely solely on others for help. Ask God for wisdom and knowledge to assist you through your trials. (Proverbs 2:6 For the LORD gives wisdom; From His mouth come knowledge and understanding. He stores up sound wisdom for the upright; He is a shield to those who walk in integrity,) Use the knowledge to apply to your situation. 
  16. Get support! Support is necessary in all areas of life. It can help you to remain accountable and to overcome your challenges. Just know there are some things that you cannot manage by yourself .
  17. Church leaders mentor and guide your new converts. A good Shepherd must lead his flock. Jesus was a teacher, a leader a brother a mentor to others.
  18. condSTOP CONDEMNING YOURSELF!  You have already been forgiven! I remember in the past how judgmental I was. I used to criticise others severely for mistakes until I realised one day that  I am also not perfect. No one is!   I know what it felt like to falter, stray, turn-back or backslide as the older preachers would call it. First of all, I was happy I finally made the decision, to go all the way, I felt so connected during youth fellowship. I made the decision to start the walk and boy was it hard. If I had paid attention to a criticism made by a family member when I shared my desire I would not have even bothered, but I decided to try as that’s what Jesus wanted just a little faith.. even that of a mustard seed.  The journey was much harder than I thought.  I wasn’t prepared as a matter of fact I did’t know what to expect, I had a lot of responsibilities and expectations and needed guidance and to top it off I was under a lot of pressure.   As a christian no one wants to make the same mistake repeatedly your conscience does bother you. Because you fear God after a while you may be tempted to make the choice to stay condemned and continue to do what you are used to. Well that was what I did. I thought the whole world knew I made mistakes and (I didn’t want Jesus to STRIKE ME DEAD WITH A BOLT OF LIGHTENING) so i listened to the little voice in my mind that said (yes, you see it, you did that, you will be punished, God hates you, stop playing dolly house and make a decision!  Listen up my child, those words were not from the Holy Spirit, I thought it was my conscience advising of the right thing to do however   is was a trap from the enemy. He didn’t want me to overcome my struggles, neither does he want you to succeed and remember God’s word. He uses opportunities when we are filled with doubts, insecurities and low confidence to launch his attach by  preying on our fears and doubts as well as our  ignorance of the scriptures. So we always need to read the bible to learn about the weapons of our warfare and to keep the scriptures hidden within our hearts. 

    Romans 8:1 Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. (That verse is what the Holy Spirit continuously reminded me of and has helped to increase my confidence ) So, forgive yourself continuously and keep doing what you ought to do, read your scriptures, pray, (talk to God even out loud) and give praise. Christ already died for you sins stop trying to crucify yourself also.

  19. The Church has failed many of us but I can testify today that I have gotten more from my personal direct relationship with God and through active research on topics relating to my own situations. Because I seek knowledge I am finding answers to my questions.  Life is not perfect, however the foundation and friendship I received through fellowship with the youth members at church years ago and Sunday School was what led me to know who God is. GOD is LOVE. We have a hope. Continue to seek him, he is faithful and just and will supply our needs. Find a quiet place speak to God. Find a support group (including a  church were you are comfortable) and keep working towards continuous self-improvement, knowing all things are possible through Christ Jesus.


Scroll to the second video to  view the video posting  of the young lady who needs our help.

Here are links to the testimony from the young lady

TOUCHING STORY…. many persons facing the same struggle. Thanks Ian Boyne and TVJ for sharing her testimony.

The Video below was shown by her fb live and posted on Dancehall facts vs fiction’s youtube channell.