Last night in my bed past 11 o’ clock, I heard music playing down the road at the usual shop. It was raining and some men were at the foot of the hill chilling, playing dominoes beating some juice and thing. Mi pass out cause di rain did mek me bed sweet, so me roll to mi side and draw fi di sheet. Mi phone ring (bring, bring) mi jump from mi bed a wonder who a call me, if dem no love dem bed.

Mi notice mi hubby phone accidentally go off, so mi kiss mi teeth and mi go back to sleep. What I didn’t notice was that there was no more music, so mi assume that wid the rain the men got an awakening, to go home to dem girl and do some love making. Imagine my fright the next morning when mi hear and get the shock, dat a man get shot at the men’s hangout spot.

The police draw dung, seh a man have a gun, buss some shots then a man drop down. It neva matter that other people did deh bout, or that the man neva have him weapon pull out. Him neva get di time fi repent nor beg fi him life, get flat, or run, argue or play dumb nor mek sense of the situation that was about to go down. Think bout him children, say two last words, tell him bredren’s to get flat, before the trigger happy police dem lace him wid shots.

It mek me wonder why police get special training, if dem first reaction to a situation is to draw dem weapon, why there are laws or even indecom, when the force give some trigger happy policeman gun. Dem no assess situation, look at use of force, think about onlookers, the community or if things could get worse.

Like what woulda happen if that Friday night, if many innocent persons lose dem life. We hear stories like these on the news all the time, with some little ghetto youth and people a cuss about crime; but wi neva realize that what happen last night woulda happen inna country too, weh the people who protect us just come up and shoot.

Wi nuh know if the youth innocent or guilty, nobody a back him, wi just a say citizens nuh get no ratings.  Mi usually respect police and know nuff work hard, fi serve and protect at home and abroad.  But mi shocked bout the shooting so close to mi yard.

Mi say Jah know, why some police man affi use dem gun, to kill this easter when all people want is bun. What we don’t realize is that some men have fun, by playing dominoes and beating some rum.  Others check out women or socialize on their “corners” at nights and that not all men are criminals or love to fight.  People fi use dem training and the brain God give them, to help them solve and avoid problem.

Jah know why dem give some policeman gun this easter , when all the citizens want are buns and rum. We don’t know what will happen on the corner now. If the place will turn ghost town or will businesses shut down; because people fraid to leave dem house at night just in case dem may lose dem life. Wi nah say nobody guilty or innocent,  but some a wi don’t want to experience violence, si no man head get lick out or spread out a grung as wi know there is a system, lock up and gun court.  Who knows maybe a man coulda reform, get fi change him life, see him children in future or perhaps plead for him life.  But it too late now for any of that to go down as the first reactions of our police is to shoot a man down.  Jah know why dem affi give some policeman gun when dem don’t know nothing about mediation.

Mi know some police experience frustration, because the system slack and dem affi watch dem head back.  But mi a beg dem fi consider that all lives matter;  mek wi try the justice system till it get a little better. Be truthful and yes protect yourself if you must but also be honest and be not corrupt. Negotiate use tact and your special training, no excessive force, shoot to hurt not to kill.  Use pepper spray, assess the situation, and give a man a chance to surrender if him have illegal weapon.  Mi sure know you would want to get a second chance at life, if you are faced with a situation where you have to flee or fight.

Wi affi pray fi di community now, try to overcome hate, rebuild the relationships and have some faith. That something right will come out of this situation. Turn the negative experience into a positive one.  Maybe a police youth club could be built to get the men off the streets, find a good way to overcome hurt, maybe some will change dem life,  possibly start going to church.  Jah know why dem give some policemen gun this easter when all wi want a some maxfield bun rasta !


(Woke up with the “jah know line” and situation on mi mind so I decided to express it so mi pen it!)