Lessons Learnt

My experiences have taught me many lessons. Only a few of my stories could be shared in this volume of the chronicles. As a matter of fact there are some that I can’t share at all!  I however hope that after hearing about my opportunities, ordeals or adventures that the reader will be reminded about and appreciate the many blessings they have had in their lives, appreciate their uniqueness and the matchless Jamaican Culture that empowers us to be exemplary and purposeful wherever in the world we may go.

I am reminded daily that I am a work in progress, I err daily and that when trouble comes only a few “friends” will stand. However, there is a friend that is willing to forgive, love and provide for me unconditionally. If I stop trying to control things and trust him to help I would save myself a whole lot of distress.

I have learned throughout the years that life is a continuum and where and how far we go depend on several factors including our attitudes, our risk tolerance level, our circle of influence, faith, having tenacity by maintaining an attitude of not giving up, as well as us managing and maintaining a sound mind.

I hope that the stories shared would inspire you to realise that life is a gift and being alive, free and healthy are treasures that we must cherish. Therefore, I urge you to appreciate and live as though every day is a new day to start a new, to forgive and reshape your life by striving to achieve our dreams or goals and becoming a person of excellence.

All you need to start is a thought, to light that fire within with the message of  as your fuel to get you on that journey.

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future”.