Stories & Lessons Learnt in the Life of a Vivacious Jamaican Girl

Over ten years ago I had noted that one of my personal goals was to write a book. This objective was easier said than done as it was far easier to procrastinate than to work.

In 2015 I actually had a great compilation of stories and poetry. However, I only had one copy of an electronic draft. I worked in faith that all would be ok until “Murphy’s Law” chipped in. Oh yes, you guessed it; my computer crashed and I lost most of my work. It was very hard to start over. I actually asked some of my friends to remind me of the interesting tales I had told in the past so I could record them.  However, only one person actually responded to my request.  One day I was looking for a sheet of paper and came across an old journal that I had. Although it did not have many entries the introductory paragraph read:

My good friend, mother, sister, mentor and former supervisor Miss Marcia Lettman from the Jamaica National Building Society suggested that I start Journaling as I have always had some interesting stories to tell. I have since decided to jot down my thoughts and experiences as they come along as I may have a great autobiography one day.

I therefore started the journal. I recorded poems, songs and my thoughts. I was quite inconsistent though and as usual forgot that I was on a mission therefore my journaling activities were short lived.

Why was it important for me to record my stories? The reason was because how I expressed myself was rather quite dramatic and sometimes my friends thought I was a little too melodramatic.  Something “exciting” was always happening in my life. I was becoming a bit of a “Drama Queen”.  Something was always happening and as a matter of fact one Christmas at our office Christmas Party I won “The Most Accident Prone” award.  As dramatic as I was my stories were true. I was fortunate to have an exciting life and unfortunately the passion I had when expressing my likes and dislikes was often misconstrued by others and the need I had to be right, to express myself or to not become a pushover got me into a few tiffs with people especially persons with leadership insecurities.

Now to some persons the term “Drama Queen” might have a negative connotation. I however choose to look on my melodrama as facilitating the lighter side of life.  I have done a lot of “crazy” things in my life and have always been involved in some tumultuous relationship of sorts. I am attracted to the wrong type of men and most times I can’t keep my mouth shut. I chat a lot. Too much to the usual reserved person. It takes ta listener with an outgoing, sociable, public speaking type personality to be able to contend with my chatter. The passion I have to share the “excitement” happening in my life or on a particular matter might even give the impression that I am an egotistic person however this is not so.

My mother used to call me her son as I was a “Tom Boy” in the earlier years. As a youth I was always high energy, I multi-tasked a lot and would frequently ask questions to the point where I was told I should have been a lawyer or a journalist. However, I was called to the next best profession one that chose me and not the other way around. I became a teacher.

Teaching became an avenue to share some of my life lessons and skills especially to persons who may never get the opportunity to do some of the things I got to do as a youth.

I have many stories to share. The stories in this blog are from my book series of lessons learnt in my personal life from childhood to adulthood, work and my life as an aspiring entrepreneur.

It is my intention that the hard copy document to be produced from my writings be used for the purpose of having a good laugh, as an inspiration and blessing for others, or to provide guidance in preventing others from making the same mistake that I did.

I also have pleasure in sharing my adventures and testimonies and hope that at least one person will be convinced that although we are all different  God  allows us to use our experiences as opportunities for growth, and that he is able to provide and protect whether or not you are a professed Christian; as it is by Grace that we receive God’s blessings and not because of the things that we do.

The message is also intended to illustrate that regardless of the things that you have done in the past, or what people think or feel towards you,each new day gives you the chance to start over as there is no condemnation[1] if you believe that you are worthy of forgiveness and love .

Regardless of what anyone thinks of you, always believe in yourself.  Know your worth, maintain your dignity, self-respect; know that in this life we all make mistakes.

The reason some persons may appear perfect is because they do not speak about their mistakes. Always remember that someone’s opinion of you does not make you whatever they say you are.  It is not what they say that matters; it is what God says to you or in his word that matters.

No one is perfect as “we have all sinned and come short of the glory of god.[2] It is God that determines your destiny. Smile, laugh, and forgive yourself and others. Do not worry or be afraid. Take challenges and risks, dare to be yourself.  Even if someone says you are crazy, be yourself, as we were all made different, we have different emotions, personalities and experiences; therefore we will respond differently to situations as they arise.

I found in my old journal a motto I had written when I was in college which read:

If I can somehow bring joy into someone’s life, make one smile, teach a bit, share a thought or something new.If I can inspire someone, show some love and perhaps some kindness too.

If I can give my all in the hope that I will make the world a better place, touch or change a life, make someone happy or become renewed, then I know, no matter what people may say or how others may feel, when I have done what I can, taken some risks when I have done my best then to me I have lived.

You will not find many blogs or books  with a compilation of stories, poems, songs and inspirational verses.  This publication will also be available in audio format which will allow you to experience the words in a whole new way. Your readings will evoke a myriad of emotions within you including laughter and sometimes possibly confusion.

It will take the reader to a place in time when the youth had to be creative and naivety was the order of the day in rural Jamaican communities.  As embarrassing as some of the stories are, there is no need to hide them as they were teachable moments.

There are many more stories  to share. I hope to do so in future.  I have therefore committed to “ live my life through my eyes and not through the eyes of others” and to share that the inspirations blessings and miracles I have received are just a foretaste of the rewards we can get from our Father in Heaven just by the true nature of being his child.

Happy reading. Enjoy the journey!

[1]Romans 8 verse 1

                       -So now there is no condemnation for those who belong to Christ Jesus.

[2] Scripture: Romans 3 verse 23

For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God