When Things Go Wrong

When things go wrong and you’re in despair,

or when you feel like no one cares

When you are sad or having the blues and you feel that there’s no path to choose,

Stop for a moment and reflect on all the things that have happened to you and yet…You had overcome them.

Whether big or small, you picked up yourself when you had that big fall. Had to struggle, or put up a fight, tried to stand firm with all of your might.


You whispered a prayer, spoke to a friend, probably saw a counsellor, or tried to make amends. You worked a bit harder or changed your approach to the way you would normally handle a problem, perhaps you started telling jokes.


When things go wrong, there are so many things we can do

instead of dwelling on all that’s bad and will frustrate you.

Change the situation, have back up plans, and turn all negative circumstances into positive ones.


When things go wrong…..Stop, Pray, meditate, think,

Listen to yourself.

As this may be just a simple test to see your true strength.

When things go wrong find a friend, get a hobby

Find that inner strength as this may be the simplest test

To prepare us for the greatest, as we all have to survive the test of life.


Written by Lyssa-ann Clarke (2002)